Monday, 6 February 2012

women's water polo team

The Greece women's national water polo team took part in international women's water polo competitions. Since the 2000s, Greece has showed them as one of the leading powers in the world. The biggest achievement was the silver medals at the 2004 Summer Olympics and the Championship. but they are the current gold medalists from the 2011 World Aquatics Championships.

1. In 2000 women water polo did not qualify in Olympic Games.
2. In 2004 Greece got the 2nd position of women water polo team in Olympic.
3. In 2008 Chinese women team of water polo got the 8th position in Olympic Games.

• FINA World League (US) women water polo team got 3rd position in 2010.
• FINA World Cup Nezeland women water polo team got 7th position 2010.

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